Stinky Snake Pictorial Glimpse

A pictorial glimpse into Stinky Snake’s journey through the Emerald Isle to free his family from Skunk, the leader of the skunks. With the ability to throw coconuts by one or more with the coconut cannon, to clear out the nearest ten skunks with a loss of health, to bump into skunks, to push skunks off the platforms without getting punched by skunks, and stomp on skunks–Stinky Snake is on the way to victory in finding his family and eliminating Skunk and all of his followers.


Level 12 - Stinky Snake going to skunk.
Stinky Snake here is heading towards the first real interaction with Skunk after making it pass these dangerous spikes and more skunks.
Level 9 Stinky Snake is near Air Studio
In between collect treasures, he rolls toward a save location representative of a landmark structure.
Level 9 Stinky Snake shopping for coconuts.
Stinky Snake leaping off a platform to a coconut store.
Level 8 Stinky Snake at the Olde Towne Hotel
Visiting the hotel and surrounding guest suites at Old Towne, he continues to pick limes and collect treasures. Beware of the hotel, it will take all your coins.
Level 7 Stinky Snake on the way to Salem.
Stinky Snake leaving Runway Ghaut after drinking water and collecting treasures.
Level 6 Stinky Snake scavenging.
He is pouncing on a skunk and collecting coconuts.
Level 6 Stinky Snake is more scavenging.
He is sneaking up on more skunks to collect more coconuts, coins and jewels.
Level 3 Stinky Snake is nose-to-nose with a skunk.
Nose-to-nose with a skunk, he is on the way to find the coconut cannon on Level 3.
Level 2 Stinky Snake is skunk hunting.
He is throwing coconuts at skunks in the second level of the journey.
Level 11 Stinky Snake is in the Capital.
In the islands capital, Plymouth, he explore monuments and continue to collect coins, coconuts, limes, and jewels. Here he is seen pouncing on a skunk.
Level 17 Stinky Snake is in the final battle.
Here he and Skunk meet again in their final battle.

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