Stinky Snake Fast Track Through The Level Maps

This article contains a Stinky Snake fast track through the general level maps of the game as well as showing a red path from beginning to exit.  For more information about the game, check out the User Manual. The red lines showing a quick way out of the level is of more importance that the clarity of the images included. They are meant to be fuzzy.

Level 6

Stinky Snake Level Map
Level 6 Map

This level introduces a denser level design. So, a quick out of this level would be to turn left and try to get to the top of the level. Be sure to stop by the church halfway up. Then travel all the way to the right; this is where the Player (Snake) encounters the boss Skunk for the first time.

Level 7

Stinky Snake Level Map
Level 7 Map

This is more of a flat level. You will need to collect limes for when you meet the witch later in the level. The lime trees are located at the topmost platforms. The witch has a clover that you get from her the second time you come close to her. I would suggest getting the reward for the limes, going past her and then coming back. The clover will be revealed — which the Player grabs. At this point, you will be near the end of the level.

Level 8

Stinky Snake Level Map
Level 8 Map

The lime trees are mostly located up high. You will need these for the Hotel and surrounding suites. This is another horizontal level.

Level 9

Stinky Snake Level Map
Level 9 Map

The leprechaun is introduced in this level. This level signifies the start of the more complex levels. The key to getting through and out of this level is to go to the right to the third mini-platform, up, to the right all the way and then take a mystery plant up quite a bit. Continue to the left slightly and then right a little bit to the exit.

Level 10

Stinky Snake Level Map
Level 10 Map

This level is flat– there is an Old Mill monument about halfway through way up high.

Level 11

Stinky Snake Level Map
Level 11 Map

This is one of the less dense levels — more monuments, just keep going to the right.

Level 12

Stinky Snake Level Map
Level 12 Map

Another flat level with the first battle between the Player and Skunk. The level ends when Skunk is hurt but not completely eliminated.

Level 13

Stinky Snake Level Map
Level 13 Map

Move to the top all the way and over to the right to the exit. This is one of the complex ones. One way out would be all the way to the right, up a couple of mystery plants, take a left, up a mystery plant and up to the right. This leads to the left. Go upwards all the way, and then to the right to exit.

Level 14

Stinky Snake Level Map
Level 14 Map

Another complex level. Take a right all the way and then up to the exit.

Level 15

Stinky Snake Level Map
Level 15 Map

Go left, up all the way, and to the right to the exit.

Level 16

Stinky Snake Level Map
Level 16 Map

Take a right all the way to the end of the level and take a mystery plant all the way to the top. The exit is within view.

Level 17

Stinky Snake Level Map
Level 17 Map

Taking multiple right turns to make it to the top right corner of the map–to the final battle.


Boss Interaction Note:

The above level maps can help guide the Player through the game to find Stinky Snake. Please note that in Levels 12 and 17, the Player encounters the Boss, Skunk, and jumping on the boss has no effect like it does with the other skunks throughout the game.


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Stinky Snake Pictorial Glimpse

Level 5 finding the skunk eliminator.

A pictorial glimpse into Stinky Snake’s journey through the Emerald Isle to free his family from Skunk, the leader of the skunks. With the ability to throw coconuts by one or more with the coconut cannon, to clear out the nearest ten skunks with a loss of health, to bump into skunks, to push skunks off the platforms without getting punched by skunks, and stomp on skunks–Stinky Snake is on the way to victory in finding his family and eliminating Skunk and all of his followers.


Level 12 - Stinky Snake going to skunk.
Stinky Snake here is heading towards the first real interaction with Skunk after making it pass these dangerous spikes and more skunks.
Level 9 Stinky Snake is near Air Studio
In between collect treasures, he rolls toward a save location representative of a landmark structure.
Level 9 Stinky Snake shopping for coconuts.
Stinky Snake leaping off a platform to a coconut store.
Level 8 Stinky Snake at the Olde Towne Hotel
Visiting the hotel and surrounding guest suites at Old Towne, he continues to pick limes and collect treasures. Beware of the hotel, it will take all your coins.
Level 7 Stinky Snake on the way to Salem.
Stinky Snake leaving Runway Ghaut after drinking water and collecting treasures.
Level 6 Stinky Snake scavenging.
He is pouncing on a skunk and collecting coconuts.
Level 6 Stinky Snake is more scavenging.
He is sneaking up on more skunks to collect more coconuts, coins and jewels.
Level 3 Stinky Snake is nose-to-nose with a skunk.
Nose-to-nose with a skunk, he is on the way to find the coconut cannon on Level 3.
Level 2 Stinky Snake is skunk hunting.
He is throwing coconuts at skunks in the second level of the journey.
Level 11 Stinky Snake is in the Capital.
In the islands capital, Plymouth, he explore monuments and continue to collect coins, coconuts, limes, and jewels. Here he is seen pouncing on a skunk.
Level 17 Stinky Snake is in the final battle.
Here he and Skunk meet again in their final battle.

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Stinky Snake v2.1 ~ User Manual

Quick note:

The way in which the game is designed is that Snake goes through the game from Level 1) Rendevous to 17) Harris’ with the objective of finding his family. Then after finding the family realizing that he cannot leave the island because of the “Curse of the Cart”. So to be able to leave the island and finish the game, Snake needs to solve this by going back to the beginning of the game. During the second round through the game, Snake has to go to the hidden levels to find people like Claude, the Pirate, the Hermit, and the Colonizer to get clues as to how to get the curse lifted.


There are huge treasure boxes that belong to the Colonizer that is left randomly throughout the game along with keys. These boxes are not accessible until the player has a key and have be given the quest by the Colonizer. The amounts of gold received is on the large side to help when the player falls into the sea water or have been attacked by a swarm of unhappy butterflies.

When the player dies after seeing the Colonizer you loose access to the hidden levels and have to go back through level 17 and refinish your mission to then go on to find up to all 7 boxes (or 70,000 or more coins on hand) and then return to the Colonizer to finish the end of the game.

Game Features

These features added to the game which includes the following:

  • dialogue system for interaction with non-player characters
  • main menu system
  • partial controller support
  • tutorial level
  • addition of levels both above ground and below
  • new non-player characters

Dialogue System

  • For greater and more effective story telling, we have added a new dialogue system.
  • The Player can be to frozen in place when the dialogue is long otherwise it is purely informational.

Menu System

A new menu system added to the game shown in the following images.

Main Menu
Main Menu
Level Select
Level Select

Partial Controller Support

This was added for Xbox 360 controller. The user will still need to use the mouse and keyboard for interaction with other characters in the game, as well as, navigating the main menu.

Partial Controller Support Setting

Tutorial Level

This is accessible from the Start Game first and will show up in the Level Select menu after. The basic mechanics is covered here with the pickup of coconuts and lives. The player gets to practice a double jump to pick the coconuts on the first coconut tree. Also the player can try jumping into the sea water. Here the player has to pickup and pick the coconuts to be able to exit this level.

New Levels

Eight new levels have been added that are accessible after completing the first quest of the game–to find your family:

1. Pirate’s Lair

2. Bread Shop

3. Sub-level 1

6. Sub-Level 2

7. Witch’s Hut

8. Hotel

10. Mill

15. Cave

The prefix links these levels to a visible level of the same number. Example, 1. Pirate’s Lair is accessible from a whiskey barrel on the first level. Some of these levels are accessible either by a barrel or a monument.

New Non-player Characters

Killer Butterflies

These finds the player in the scene and bite. They only appear after the family is found and the player has learned their way through the visible levels. These can be eliminated with a coconut but they can hurt the player.

Blue Butterflies

These are here for shear decoration.

Blue Killer Flowers

These birds can hurt the player if the player runs into them. These can be eliminated with a coconut but they can hurt the player.


These birds can hurt the player if the player runs into them. These can be eliminated with a coconut but they can hurt the player.

Big Green Turtles

These can hurt the player if the player runs into them. These can be eliminated with a coconut but they can hurt the player.


These hurt the player if the player runs into them. These can be eliminated with a coconut but they can hurt the player.


These can hurt the player if the player runs into them. These can be eliminated with a coconut but they can hurt the player.


Cannot hurt the player except takes the brunt of all the players inventory. So after exiting the Mill, the player can exit the game or restart the game going in the direction that the player wants to versus the linear path.

Game Mechanisms

Double Jump

  • You are able to double jump throughout the entire game.
  • For a stronger jump, speed up the player (F), hold the jump button down a little bit, and then a second time.


  • There is a single boss throughout the game – Skunk who is Snake’s antagonist.

Keyboard Controls

Keyboard Controls

Difficulty Levels

With the default difficulty level being set to normal, the Player can choose to set this to either Easy or Hard. For a less difficult experience, set this to easy under the Main Menu > Options > Controls. The boss interactions are based on difficulty levels as well. The more difficult, the more health the Boss will have, the more stomping and coconuts that will be needed to eliminate the boss.


  • No punching from the Skunks.
  • Recommended for younger player.
  • When you fall into the water or loose life, you do not loose anything in your inventory but a life item.
  • Running into the saws cause 25% damage to the Player.
  • The Skunk Eliminator causes a loss of 20% damage.


  • Skunks do punch back.
  • The Player loose half of coin count when their life is lost in the game.
  • Running into the saws cause 50% damage to the Player.
  • The Skunk Eliminator causes a loss of 40% damage.


  • Skunks do punch back.
  • The Player looses all of their coin when they loose their life in the game.
  • Running into the saws cause 100% damage to the Player, the equivalent of loss of life.
  • The Skunk Eliminator causes a loss of 80% damage.

Ways to hurt the Skunks

  • The Player can bump into a skunk which will hurt both.
  • The Player can jump onto the head of a skunk thereby eliminate the skunk. This does not work the boss, only on other skunks.
  • The Player can throw coconuts at skunks which is the most effective method for hurting enemies.  Throw a single coconut with the S key while three coconuts with the W key using the coconut cannon which can be found on Level 3.
  • The Player can push skunks off a platform while being careful not to get punched by the skunk being moved.
  • The Player can ignore the skunks completely but this approach would not add to score. This approach also does not hurt the skunks.
  • The Player can use the Skunk Eliminator to remove the closest ten skunks at a time. Depending on the difficulty level there is a penalty for using this weapon. The penalty is Player health therefore limiting the use of this weapon which can be found on Level 5.

Some Odds and Ends

Health Reload

This is the Health Reload that refills the Health heart under the Level number. On some levels, a large pineapple does the same thing as well.

These are lives that you are collecting.

Take these to get to the next level in the game.

Shown here is the clover that the Player will need to collect from the Witch on Level 7 after the second visit. The Leprechaun requires the clover for communication with the Player. Beginning in Level 9, the leprechaun appears and requires that the Player has the clover in inventory.

Stinky Snake Is Currently on Steam For PC

Stinky Snake, the video game is now on Steam.

Stinky Snake on Steam with Screenshot of Air Studios.
Air Studios.

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Game progress image
Game progress image

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Stinky Snake PreRelease Trailer

Stinky Snake is currently available on Steam, check it out at:

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Follow us on Instagram:

Checkout our comics:

Checkout some old game progress:

Game progress image
Game progress image

Checkout the story behind our first release:

Game Progress

Six months ago, when Stinky Snake made its transition from a comic strip to a video game prototype was a milestone—an internal milestone that now six months later I feel confident in sharing. This was the first time the characters—Snake and Skunk met off the paper for the first time. Granted they were simple 8bit characters, they were beautiful like newly fallen snow.

Fast forward six months later, the world they lived in on paper had come to life in a 2D-platformer world. Along the way Snake evolved into a more detailed pixelated character. Skunk remained the boxy-look until yesterday, our artist recreated him in a most elegant fashion. The new Skunk has more personality and spunk to match his comic strip origins.

These past six months has been filled with learning, experimenting and experiencing these characters come to life—from the design document that created the backbone for a massive binder containing the game bible—to the sound recording sessions that burst into laughter. We are a small team—sometimes of one and this massive binder has been an essential tool to keep on track to completion. The game went through many looks until we landed on the one we currently have—this came from getting halfway through the game creation and feeling that it did not have the right feel. With an overhaul with consistent backgrounds and platform design, the whole game was redesigned with the original idea in mind.

While this game is not a combat game it still can be intense depending on the difficulty level chosen. This came about when I upped the intensity and had our youngest tester who is seven years old give it a try. I immediately realized that the concept of losing everything when you die in the game was too much for a younger player and created a difficulty system where a player’s coin count would be unaffected by death. The purpose of this game is enjoyment and not learning harsh realities that come with life, and the difficulty choice was added that an interesting feel to the game. Initially only three levels of difficulty will be included in the first release and potentially two more with subsequent releases. These three levels are easy, normal, and hard. With easy difficulty, coins are not lost upon death, damage from saws is reduced and some game objects don’t appear. With normal difficulty, half of the coins are lost and with hard difficulty, all coins are lost. These three levels include easy for the younger player or gameplay without loss of coin and amount loss gotten from the impact of saws or appearance of some game objects, normal and hard where you die you lose the gold coins.

This experience has allowed the artist and the computer scientist within me to come out and play together and it has been beautiful.

What is the game about?

Stinky Snake, a 2D-platformer to be released for PC on Steam June 26, 2018. After being shipwrecked, a snake named Snake, a human child named Puppy, and a Great Pyrenees dog named Angel are harassed by a pack of skunks. Their leader Skunk captures Puppy and Angel, spending the rest of the game taunting and trying to capture Snake. The game is set on a tropical island with palm trees and an active volcano.

The player’s goal is to defeat and eliminate all of Skunk’s followers that are in each level. They must also navigate through all the obstacles generated on each level throughout the game until the end. Some of these obstacles can be used to trap the skunks rather than kill them. In the final level, their goal will be to battle Skunk and his followers to get his family back.

Plot Outline
– Act 1: Snake will be trying to get up a hill and eliminate or trap all skunks. Skunk will be racing away with Snake’s family members.
– Act 2: Snake will be closer to the volcano and at the end of this act, he will fight Skunk. Skunk will escape this time.
– Act 3: Snake battles or traps stronger skunks until getting to the volcano’s ridge. There, the remaining skunks will either be eliminated or trapped by Snake. When Skunk is defeated the game ends.

– Snake: The snake that is shipwrecked with Puppy and Angel. This is the character that the Player will be in the game.
– Skunk: The Boss that Snake battles in Level 12 and 17. Makes a brief appearance in Level 6.
– Puppy: The human child that is shipwrecked with Snake and Angel.
– Angel: The Great Pyrenees dog that is shipwrecked with Snake and Puppy.
– Alana: The witch that Snake encounters in Act 2.
– Skunk’s followers: A collection of smaller skunks.

Below we have Snake and Skunk meeting for the first time on the screen–prior to this they were simply sketches and clay models:

Snake's first meeting with Skunk in the digital world