Stinky Snake User Manual

Darlene Barker
July 2, 2018

The Stinky Snake User Manual includes the new features added to the game which includes the following:

  • dialogue system
  • main menu system
  • interaction with non-player characters which includes unicorns.

Dialogue System

  • For greater and more effective story telling, we have added a new dialogue system.
  • The Player can be to frozen in place when the dialogue is long otherwise it is purely informational.

Menu System

A new menu system added to the game shown in the following images.

Main Menu
Main Menu


Level Select
Level Select







Double Jump

  • You are able to double jump throughout the entire game.
  • For a stronger jump, speed up the player (F), hold the jump button down a little bit, and then a second time.


  • There is a single boss throughout the game – Skunk who is Snake’s antagonist.

Keyboard Controls

Keyboard Controls

Difficulty Levels

With the default difficulty level being set to normal, the Player can choose to set this to either Easy or Hard. For a less difficult experience, set this to easy under the Main Menu > Options > Controls. The boss interactions are based on difficulty levels as well. The more difficult, the more health the Boss will have, the more stomping and coconuts that will be needed to eliminate the boss.


  • No punching from the Skunks.
  • Recommended for younger player.
  • When you fall into the water or loose life, you do not loose anything in your inventory but a life item.
  • Running into the saws cause 25% damage to the Player.
  • The Skunk Eliminator causes a loss of 20% damage.


  • Skunks do punch back.
  • The Player loose half of coin count when their life is lost in the game.
  • Running into the saws cause 50% damage to the Player.
  • The Skunk Eliminator causes a loss of 40% damage.


  • Skunks do punch back.
  • The Player looses all of their coin when they loose their life in the game.
  • Running into the saws cause 100% damage to the Player, the equivalent of loss of life.
  • The Skunk Eliminator causes a loss of 80% damage.

Ways to hurt the Skunks

  • The Player can bump into a skunk which will hurt both.
  • The Player can jump onto the head of a skunk thereby eliminate the skunk. This does not work the boss, only on other skunks.
  • The Player can throw coconuts at skunks which is the most effective method for hurting enemies.  Throw a single coconut with the S key while three coconuts with the W key using the coconut cannon which can be found on Level 3.
  • The Player can push skunks off a platform while being careful not to get punched by the skunk being moved.
  • The Player can ignore the skunks completely but this approach would not add to score. This approach also does not hurt the skunks.
  • The Player can use the Skunk Eliminator to remove the closest ten skunks at a time. Depending on the difficulty level there is a penalty for using this weapon. The penalty is Player health therefore limiting the use of this weapon which can be found on Level 5.

Some Odds and Ends

Health Reload

This is the Health Reload that refills the Health heart under the Level number. On some levels, a large pineapple does the same thing as well.



These are lives that you are collecting.


Take these to get to the next level in the game.





Shown here is the clover that the Player will need to collect from the Witch on Level 7 after the second visit. The Leprechaun requires the clover for communication with the Player. Beginning in Level 9, the leprechaun appears and requires that the Player has the clover in inventory.

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